Galicia Caravan No. 77 Children’s Christmas Party

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2019 Children's Christmas Party Photo
Members and friends of Galicia Caravan No. 77 volunteered their time Saturday, December 21 entertaining some very special friends at the annual Christmas party for the intellectually disabled. A host of clowns, elves and helpers turned out to serve over 18 tables full of guests. There was food, fun, dancing, presents for the kids and even a token gift of appreciation to the unsung heroes (the aides who work so tirelessly with the clients in the group homes). Santa Claus, a.k.a. Galicia PGC John Kelleher was on hand to present a tote bag of small gifts to each of the guests. As a thank you to the workers, the caravan purchased 10 tickets to the upcoming Saint Francis Camp on the Lake charity fundraising dinner and drew winners from among the volunteers. It’s a simple way Galicia says thank you to the hard-working people they depend for the success of their events.

Galicia Caravan – Upcoming Events and News Oct 2019

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Galicia Caravan Upcoming Events News for Oct-Dec 2019

Annual Golf Outing at Devil Ridge Golf Course--June 16, 2019

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We had a great time with great weather at our annual Golf Outing.   Thanks to all of our corporate sponsors, golfers, staff at Devil Ridge Golf Course and volunteers that made it a fun day for all!   We honored our friend and Deputy Regional Director, Sancho GC Leo Osinski.   We also presented a ' check' to a representative from Cass Community Social Services!   Special thanks goes out to our co-chairs:   PGC Jerry Susalla and PGC Bill L. Marchiori!

Annual Fishing Derby at Brandeburg Park

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On June 29, 2019, Galicia #77 caravan along with fraternal organization hosted its annual fishing derby.   Weather was great!  No a lot of fish were caught by our clients, but they still had a great time.

Check Presentation to Rev Faith Fowler, Cass Community Social Services

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On July 1, 2019, PGC Jerry Susalla and GC Pat Plotkowski presented a check to Rev Faith Fowler of Cass Community Social Services for amount of $10, 000 for who works in the city of Detroit with special needs invdividuals.   She and her team are working working on the Tiny Houses Projects to bring affordable housing to the neighbors in the area.   

The check is result of our recent Annual Golf Outing.

Kids' Christmas Party December 2018

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Galicia#77 annual Kids Christmas was held in December 2018 at Club Venetian.   A great time was had  by all!   Santa Claus came for his annual visit!

Thanks to all who helped with this event

2nd Annual Spring Prom

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Spring Prom 2019 at Club Venetian
April 29, 2019

Thanksgiving Gift Card Giveaway at Nino Salvaggios

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Thanksgiving Gift Card Giveaway
What has become an annual Thanksgiving tradition, Galicia Caravan treats some special friends to a gift card shopping spree at Nino Salvaggios.  – In loving memory of Sir Noble Nino

St. Francis Camp is Getting a New Playground

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St Francis Camp on the Lake Playground Construction

In the Spring 2018, the St. Francis Camp President Edward Smith presented an idea to the Board of Directors to revitalize the playground area at the Camp in Jerome Michigan. Manresa GC John Vella, Camp Director Tammy Kerchkof and Galicia #77 GC Pat Plotkowski teamed up to explore some ideas for new playground equipment. The ad-hoc committee presented their ideas to the Board. In less than six months, we raised over $60,000 and have already completed the site prep. The equipment will be ordered by the end of the calendar year and will be ready for community build at the camp in May 2019. If you know of anyone that is interested in assisting with the community build, contact Galicia representative: Bob Steinberger, Russ Kreinbring or Pat Plotkowski.

Galicia Caravan Holds Their First Spring Prom

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With the help of teen volunteers from the National Honors Society at Northville High School and Chippewa Valley High School students, Galicia's first Spring Prom was a real hit.

Spring Prom 2018

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